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Filtering by Category: travels

trip to austin, tx

hannah shih

A few weekends ago, the boyfriend and I made a trip back to our home state of Texas! We always love going back to Austin -- we enjoy walking the campus grounds of UT and reminscing our college days, eating lots of delicious breakfast tacos, BBQ and Chick-fil-a, soaking up the warm sun and just exploring the city. Here are some insta-highlights of our trip!


Hello Kitty Longhorn // I was so ecstatic to have seen this little cutie in the campus store, so of course had to snatch it up! 

Our ATX Abode // Instead of going the hotel route, we thought it'd be fun to Airbnb our weekend stay in this cute house. It was awesome because it was a short walk to one of our favorite things to do in the city: putt-putt!

Peter Pan Mini Golf // Totally a must when visiting Austin. It's BYOB and I got us a little classy Moscato for our 18-hole putt-putt game. Unfortunately, I didn't get a hole-in-one like I did last round, but I did perform better!

Christina + Kenny // Our lovely friends tied the knot at Vintage Villas -- super sweet wedding!

Photo booth Fun // We always love us some photo booth action at weddings! He especially loved the fro ...

Franklin's BBQ // Oh, what an adventure. We showed up at 8:50am and there were already 35 folks ahead of us in line. Over 3 hours later (and a couple of episodes of The Americans on the iPad), we finally ate -- brisket, sausage, ribs, turkey, cole slaw, potato salad! Personally, I'm not sure I'd go back to wait that long in line for BBQ... but I might do it again for the Bourban banana pudding -- it was delish!!

We look forward to coming back to Austin in October for another wedding soirée!

trip to the valley of the sun

hannah shih

Earlier this month, the boyfriend and I took a trip to Phoenix, Arizona! Here are highlights of our adventures in the city.


Pizzeria Bianco \\ A friend of ours recommended this pizza joint, and oh boy are we happy we checked it out! It was DELISH ... and possibly even better than New York pizza! We devoured the margherita pizza with fennel sausage. Super tasty!

Modern on Melrose \\ It was such a lovely surprise to discover that Phoenix was a thrift shop paradise! This cute shop had tons of cool furniture and little knick knacks. I could've spent all day there! I also really enjoyed Qcumberz and a little boutique called Cleo & Clementine.

Connie + Myong Wedding\\ It was a joy designing the little chinese hand drums for their wedding! The guests (especially the kids!) really enjoyed them. Such a beautiful wedding and couple!

The Sweetness \\ Oh goodness, the waffle cone was to die for! We split a scoop of homemade vanilla and cherry icecream, and I pretty much ate all of it.

AZ Hummer Tours \\ That's right! We rode a convertible hummer through the desert and it was AWESOME. While it was a very bumpy ride, it was sweet getting to stand up while the car was in motion and see all the beautiful and ginormous cacti!

{photos by HANALULU CO.}

thrift'n on a thursday - hawaii edition! | vol 9

hannah shih

Aloha from the Aloha State!!

Of course I had to do some thriftin' while in Hawaii! It wasn't hard at all to find some goodies on the Big Island.


For a whopping $2, I got this cute Japanese pitcher -- the perfect home for a little succulent plant! The olive green vase has a retro shape with such beautiful detail, a vintage steal for $10! And the adorable wooden elephant? For just $8, it made my day!

thrift'n on a thursday - LA edition! | vol 8

hannah shih

I love thrift shopping, but it's even more exciting in another city! Lucky for me, I was able to make a stop at Melrose Trading Post while I was in LA. Seriously, the best place to be on a Sunday afternoon if you're ever in town! After a few hours of hunting and digging, I proudly left the flea market with these goodies!


Clockwise: I spotted this vintage mirror and it was love at first sight. It has a lovely floral detail on the back with just the right mix of pink and gold! Bargained down this little beauty for $10 (saved $5!). The fork + knife napkin holders were just too cool to pass up! I got a set of 10 for only $6 -- a steal, right? Lastly, for just $7, the ginormous wooden clip was the perfect new addition to my desk. From holding bills to business cards and notes, the clip stands upright and will be a helpful reminder tool!

With the thrift goodies you find, do you ever wonder who the previous owners were and what they were like??

trip to lala land

hannah shih

I can't believe it's August! The year has been going by so quickly. I've been traveling a lot this year, and was just in LA for a few days and thought I'd highlight some of my favorite stops. PS -- the weather was AMAZING!


Hollywood Farmer's Market \\ A cool market with tons of fruits, cheeses, mushrooms, flowers and more! My favorite part was watching a florist make arrangements on-site with her assortment of gorgeous flowers.

Melrose Trading Post \\ Seriously, a thrift shopper's paradise! This place is a such a sweet place to find treasures. It's held in the parking lot of Fairfax High school and the $2 admission fee goes directly to support the school's programs -- a win-win situation! I spotted this cute wooden mini-vanity + chalkboard for $35, but it would've been too much trouble to take it back to Brooklyn! Instead, I found some other goodies that I'll post tomorrow!

Hemingway & Pickett \\ An art + design store in Silver Lake that I really adored. Very well curated with lots of neat items. I especially loved the watercolor record exhibit by Amelie Scalercio called "A Ghost in My House."

Salju Dessert \\ I've got to say, the best shaved ice I've ever had in my life!! I got the matcha (green tea) shaved show with red beans, mochi, mango and condensed milk. Truly A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!

Sprinkles Cupcake \\ The red velvet one was delicious, but I enjoyed the cinnamon sugar cupcake more ... also because I bought it from the ATM cupcake machine!! It was definitely worth the extra 50 cents!

Stay tuned for my finds for tomorrow's Thrift'n on a Thursday!

{photos by HANALULU CO.}

thrift'n on a thursday - istanbul edition! | vol 5

hannah shih

Istanbul is such a colorful and beautiful city. The history, architecture and stunning views of the Bosphorus River just make it such a unique place. After spending a week exploring the city and devouring kebabs, I discovered that the locals LOVE their Turkish tea. Of course I had to try some myself and will say that it's quite addicting!


While shopping at the Grand Bazaar, I found these gold traditional Turkish tea glasses (left). I love the set with the little stirrer and the beautifully detailed plate. Let me tell ya, I went in circles checking all the shops to make sure I got the best deal. One place was even pricing it at $12! Good news: I got the pair for $3. The colorful patterned tea cups (right) were being sold for $8 a pop. Lucky for me, they were favors from the wedding we attended!

I love that I can still enjoy tea Turkish-style in New York. Who wants to come over for some tea??