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Filtering by Tag: anthropologie

thrift'n on a thursday | vol 27

hannah shih

Happy Thursday!! We're only five days away til Christmas, can you believe it??

We're stoked to share today's thrift find as we've recently been obsessing over the colors black and gold!


These little porcelain cuties are the newest addition to our knob collection. We assume they're from Anthropologie, so what a steal for $3 each! Loving the black hand-drawn pattern -- gives so much character and charm. It also has an art deco-ish look and feel. We dig it!

{photo by HANALULU CO.}

thrift'n on a thursday | vol 23

hannah shih

Happy Thursday, ya'll!

As you may or may not know, I've been collecting alphabet letters in hopes to eventually spell out something. I know, I know ... I could always buy some from Urban Outfitters or Paper Source, but I like the thrill of the hunt and would rather have something a little more unique!


Luckily, I was able to find these two beauties for $15. I love the combo of the steel in the letter 'h' with the colorful and vibrantly patterned 'a' -- a great balance of hard and soft textures!

{photo by HANALULU CO.}

thrift'n on a thursday | vol 14

hannah shih

What a lovely Thursday it is to be out and about for some thrift shopping! I must admit, as much as I heart Anthropologie, I don't always love their prices. So when I spotted this thrift find that has that Anthro-style I adore, boy was I happy to snatch it up!


This little cutie is an egg rack. Why would you want to hide this $8 ceramic beauty in the fridge? Exactly what I thought. I decided to use it in a non-traditional way and showcase jewelry I bought from my travels to Japan, Argentina and Spain!

{photo by HANALULU CO.}

thrift'n on a thursday | vol 13

hannah shih

A thrift find comes in various shapes, sizes, and places. Bottom line: as long as it was a great deal, it's a thrift find! Today's find is from one of my favorite places of all time, Anthropologie! Is there any girl who doesn't like Anthro??


These adorable knobs are retail priced from $8-15, but I was lucky enough to snatch each one for $3! Anthro sales make me one happy woman. I love the knobs' assortment of shapes and colors, and how they give my dresser a facelift -- all for less than $20!

{photos by HANALULU CO.}