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Filtering by Tag: art

thrift'n on a thursday | vol 57

hannah shih

Yay, we love that Fall has hit New York. Makes thrift shopping even more enjoyable! Today we found this heart frame that was just too adorable to not take home with us. 


Yup, that's right! It reads "THUG." We added our own little DIY spin by swapping out the original artwork and plugging it in with our own! Gotta love Pinterest! What do you think?? Lucky for us, this frame was just $2, woohoo!

{photo by HANALULU CO.} 

tablescape tuesdays | vol 24

hannah shih

We're in a colorful state of mind and wanted to share this artistic vignette for today's inspiration!

spotted via  100 layer cake

spotted via 100 layer cake

It's as if a beautiful painted canvas had transformed into a tablescape. The table runner has such a unique indie pattern and those flowers are just plain gorgeous, so colorful with such fun textures! The plate setting is perfectly simple against such a vibrant backdrop. What are your thoughts on this tablescape?

thrift'n on a thursday | vol 39

hannah shih

We love spotting cool vintage items that can be used as décor around the abode. Lucky for us, today's sporting find is perfect as artwork on the walls! 


This little guy is a vintage tennis racquet from the 60's and has beautiful red and white painted details. Quite the Americana and mid-century look & feel. Also, such a great statement piece! And for just 75 cents, consider us happy thrifters!!

{photo by HANALULU CO.}

thrift'n on a thursday | vol 25

hannah shih

I'm a big fan of having art on the walls. Whether it be photographs, paintings or even purses, it's always good to fill up a blank wall and give it some dimension!


I found an amah-zing deal for these umbra wall flowers -- normally priced at $20, this chica got them for $4 for all 25 pieces! I love the various sizes and that you can be super creative about the placement ... clutter them together, spread them out, a few here and there ... totally up to you!

{photo by HANALULU CO.}