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Filtering by Tag: ceramic

thrift'n on a thursday | vol 31

hannah shih

We're huge fans of Jonathan Adler -- his work is so bold and bright, we can't help but be happy when we come across his designs! So when we stumbled across this ceramic cutie, we had to snatch it up! 


The design and pattern is just so groovy and it's the perfect size to store earrings, rings and all your lovely baubles. Retailed at $28, we got this for a whopping $4 -- what a bargain!!

{photo by HANALULU CO.}

thrift'n on a thursday | vol 24

hannah shih

Happy Thursday! It's a beautiful and sunny day in Brooklyn, perfect weather for some thrift shopping!


I was smitten when I found this $4 ceramic cutie. I love the gold detail and that little heart topper. What a perfect container to store my jewelry!

{photo by HANALULU CO.}

thrift'n on a thursday | vol 17

hannah shih

Keys. Phone. Wallet. The three most important items we all must remember to take with us when we walk out the door! There's even a graphic doormat that serves as a reminder! Lucky for me, I found just the right thrift find to hold my goodies.


This Japanese porcelain beauty has such character and charm. I adore the blue patterned detail and was well worth it for the price of $8. Now I have a pretty place to put my keys, phone and wallet and will remember to always take them with me before I head out of the apartment!

{photo by HANALULU CO.}

thrift'n on a thursday | vol 14

hannah shih

What a lovely Thursday it is to be out and about for some thrift shopping! I must admit, as much as I heart Anthropologie, I don't always love their prices. So when I spotted this thrift find that has that Anthro-style I adore, boy was I happy to snatch it up!


This little cutie is an egg rack. Why would you want to hide this $8 ceramic beauty in the fridge? Exactly what I thought. I decided to use it in a non-traditional way and showcase jewelry I bought from my travels to Japan, Argentina and Spain!

{photo by HANALULU CO.}

thrift'n on a thursday | vol 6

hannah shih

The weather in NY has been insane! Yesterday, it was extremely hot and sunny at 105 degrees, then a thunderstorm hit with crazy amounts of lighting and hail! Rain or shine, the weather's not going to stop me from my thrift'n adventures. Check out my finds for the week!


I love letters! They're so graphic and bold, so when I spotted this beautiful wooden "A", I just had to have it! Although my initials do not have "A" in it, I decided to start a collection of letters in hopes to eventually spell something cool. Lucky for me, I snatched this baby for 3 bucks. Propping it up is this gorgeous ruffled porcelain cake stand. I adore the shape, and most of all, the price tag: $6. (Note: The miniature pink Eiffel Tower is for display purposes only)

I can't wait to decorate the apartment with these new thrift finds!