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thrift'n on a thursday | vol 15

hannah shih

What I love about thrift shopping is that there's history behind every piece. Even though I may not know all the answers to who, what, when, where, or why ... with this particular thrift find, I know that someone had delicately crafted something super unique. Take a look!


When I spotted these two little metal planes, I was so intrigued. Get this -- these babies are made out of nuts and bolts and knives!! Yes, dangerous, but very cool and one-of-a-kind. I'm digging the raw, industrial look ... and all for $3 a pop!

{photo by HANALULU CO.}

thrift'n on a thursday | vol 7

hannah shih

Just earlier this week, I finished styling a bachelor's studio apartment in the city. Despite the fact that I'm a girly girl, I loved breaking out of my comfort zone and finding masculine items for his place. He had this awesome built-in shelf that needed some loving, so of course I filled it with some neat finds. Take a look!


Clockwise: My client is Hawaiian, so I was super stoked when I found this vintage postcard with the text "Hawaiian Hapa Haole" and pictured a sexy Hawaiian girl. I love how it's a nod to his heritage and where he's from. The postcard was just $1 and the black frame was $3. The mirrored Absolut Vodka bottle was a must-have when I spotted it for $5 -- definitely a unique piece of art! I love graphic text, so this "Don't let me down" postcard with the arrow cutout was a nice touch of boldness for $1. The black frame was $4 and I didn't mind showing the back since it gave an industrial look & feel. The vintage steel car and the globe are my favorites, $18 and $15 respectively. Both super unique and manly, yes?? 

With all the black, wood and steel, of course I had to add in succulents to give it a pop of color and some texture! And, also because succulents are low-maintenance = easy for the guys ... ;)