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thrift'n on a thursday - LA edition! | vol 8

hannah shih

I love thrift shopping, but it's even more exciting in another city! Lucky for me, I was able to make a stop at Melrose Trading Post while I was in LA. Seriously, the best place to be on a Sunday afternoon if you're ever in town! After a few hours of hunting and digging, I proudly left the flea market with these goodies!


Clockwise: I spotted this vintage mirror and it was love at first sight. It has a lovely floral detail on the back with just the right mix of pink and gold! Bargained down this little beauty for $10 (saved $5!). The fork + knife napkin holders were just too cool to pass up! I got a set of 10 for only $6 -- a steal, right? Lastly, for just $7, the ginormous wooden clip was the perfect new addition to my desk. From holding bills to business cards and notes, the clip stands upright and will be a helpful reminder tool!

With the thrift goodies you find, do you ever wonder who the previous owners were and what they were like??