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Filtering by Tag: steel

thrift'n on a thursday | vol 23

hannah shih

Happy Thursday, ya'll!

As you may or may not know, I've been collecting alphabet letters in hopes to eventually spell out something. I know, I know ... I could always buy some from Urban Outfitters or Paper Source, but I like the thrill of the hunt and would rather have something a little more unique!


Luckily, I was able to find these two beauties for $15. I love the combo of the steel in the letter 'h' with the colorful and vibrantly patterned 'a' -- a great balance of hard and soft textures!

{photo by HANALULU CO.}

thrift'n on a thursday | vol 18

hannah shih

This past week has been a bit dreary with the cold weather, dark clouds and the constant rain! Having lived in New York for several years now, I've learned you gotta have the proper gear for the rain -- rain boots, a rain coat and an endless supply of umbrellas! I don't know about you, but my umbrellas easily get lost in the apartment. Lucky for me, I found the right solution to get organized!


This steel bowl serves as the perfect holder for my little umbrella friends. I love the industrial look and its unique shape -- all for $8! It kind of looks like it was made from one of those old-school fans we had when we were kids? Either way, it's super cool and functional!

{photo by HANALULU CO.}

thrift'n on a thursday | vol 7

hannah shih

Just earlier this week, I finished styling a bachelor's studio apartment in the city. Despite the fact that I'm a girly girl, I loved breaking out of my comfort zone and finding masculine items for his place. He had this awesome built-in shelf that needed some loving, so of course I filled it with some neat finds. Take a look!


Clockwise: My client is Hawaiian, so I was super stoked when I found this vintage postcard with the text "Hawaiian Hapa Haole" and pictured a sexy Hawaiian girl. I love how it's a nod to his heritage and where he's from. The postcard was just $1 and the black frame was $3. The mirrored Absolut Vodka bottle was a must-have when I spotted it for $5 -- definitely a unique piece of art! I love graphic text, so this "Don't let me down" postcard with the arrow cutout was a nice touch of boldness for $1. The black frame was $4 and I didn't mind showing the back since it gave an industrial look & feel. The vintage steel car and the globe are my favorites, $18 and $15 respectively. Both super unique and manly, yes?? 

With all the black, wood and steel, of course I had to add in succulents to give it a pop of color and some texture! And, also because succulents are low-maintenance = easy for the guys ... ;)

the masculine touch

hannah shih

Working on a client's bachelor pad has really influenced me in ways I didn't expect it to. I'm super duper girly, but I'm noticing more and more that I've been really drawn to leather, paper, glass, metals, concrete and wood. A mixture of these textures can be really sexy and sleek!


1// The leather Eames lounge chair + ottoman is such a classic. The price tag of $4500 is not so sexy, which is why it's nice to have an option of something very similar that is fraction of the cost. 

2// I heart papier-mâché animal trophies -- they're fun, bold and three-dimensional! I recently got a few from Anthropologie for my client, but depending on your budget and style, there's always West Elm and A&G Merch!

3// The metal floor lamp and the glass coffee table are super sleek. Metals give off reflection and glass is transparent -- a combination of the two really help make a space appear larger! 

4// The concrete staircase and the wooden wall is a nice mix of industrial and natural. I adore the graphic artwork. If you love Brooklyn as much as I do, you gotta get this sweet poster by Jim Datz.