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washi tape ideas

hannah shih

I adore washi tape -- they're so low maintenance, fun and inexpensive! I just bought a ton from Cute Tape for one of my weddings this June and I can't wait to use it. Just look at all the endless ways to play with washi tape!


1// useful for name tags, thank you's and even escort cards for your wedding!

2// don't be afraid to deck your simple pottery with some colorful tape

3// whether it's loves notes to the bride + groom or photobooth pics, why not apply with cute tape vs. messy glue!

4// make these cute flags as a garland to hang as decor for your special soirée

5// using scotch tape here would look a bit ghetto, but washi tape makes holding up the spoon so classy

6// personalize your Macbook keys with dots and stripes of color

7// instead of a kiss, seal the envelopes with washi!

And the list goes on! Be creative and have some fun with this tape. I've recently been putting various colorful ones on the back of my iPhone and have gotten quite a number of compliments, thank you very much.