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Filtering by Category: flowers

tablescape tuesdays | vol 14

hannah shih

Trust us when we say that white tablescapes are anything but boring! Take a look at this beautiful setting.

spotted via  hatunot

spotted via hatunot

The mix of ivory and white as well as the splashes of green give off a sweet natural look & feel. We adore the varying types of flowers for a fun mix of texture and height -- really makes your eye want to look at every detail!

Together, it's simple, classy and just plain gorgeous.

tablescape tuesdays | vol 6

hannah shih

Hope ya'll had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday!!

It was definitely a joy spending quality time with our New York friends, watching football and eating loads of food (we even had Chick-fil-A!)

Now, time for some eye-candy tablescape!! Isn't this such a beautifully designed table? I love all of Amy Osaba's work -- truly amazing and so inspiring.

spotted via  Amy Osaba     

spotted via Amy Osaba


I love that the flowers are hanging over the table -- creates such an intimate and cozy setting. The actual table is kept simple with a bit of flowers and candles here and there, so that the "Come away with us" message and the bold and colorful flowers could be the centerpiece of the space. Adorable!

tablescape tuesdays | vol 2

hannah shih

Hope everyone is safe and sound from Hurricane Sandy! We're doing a-okay out here in Brooklyn. Our thoughts and prayers go out to all those affected by the storm.

With tomorrow being Halloween, it felt appropriate to have a tablescape post with pumpkins!

spotted via  chatelaine

spotted via chatelaine

Look at these cuties ... the color blocking and the various heights on the candlesticks are adorable. And that flower arrangement is perfection. Gotta love the non-traditional usage of ordinary items!

introducing: tablescape tuesdays | vol 1

hannah shih

Let me introduce you to a new weekly series I've started called "Tablescape Tuesdays" for major eye-candy and inspiration!

spotted via  skinnylaminx      

spotted via skinnylaminx


Where do I even begin? There are a number of items here that I absolutely adore. At first glance, I was immediately drawn to the pop-up lasercut card -- I love how it adds texture and dimension. I've also recently become obsessed with cabbage flowers -- also known as Kale -- they're fun, super funky and have a neat ombre effect. The layering of neutral patterns is genius .... really lets the natural elements pop pop pop! So very organic chic -- do you dig it??

you had me at flowers.

hannah shih

With Valentine's Day approaching, I can't help but stare at these charming beauties ...


spotted via pinterest

I love the varying heights, the detailed textures, the pops of color and the overall simplicity of these arrangements. Mixing different colors, sizes and textures really translates well when it comes to florals -- they just look so darn elegant and effortless. Really quite breathtaking! 

Step aside red roses, step aside!