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love notes


"Hannah is a force of nature. From beginning to end, she was a dream to collaborate with. She is everything you could ever want in an event designer whom you are trusting to be in charge of one special days of your lives. She is personable and friendly, fun, INSANELY organized and detail-oriented, and highly professional, but she is also SO patient, kind, in-tune with you, and so on-top of her game, and therefore your event. She constantly goes the extra mile to pull off the next-to-impossible, reaching into your brain and pulling out your wildest dreams, making them all magically come to life. Somehow she totally "got" our style and the event had "us" written all over it, and yet still looked like a masterpiece in a way only she can pull off. She also thinks of all the logistical, boring, planning-oriented details behind the fun decor details so that anything within her control goes off without a hitch. My husband and I had a lot going on in our personal lives in the months leading up to our wedding and would have been absolutely lost without her, but we could relax knowing she had it all covered. She listened earnestly and enthusiastically to my 1,000,000,000+ ideas, preferences, and passions and somehow made them all come together seamlessly and beautifully on The Day. There is a reason she is a professional event designer and you are not. Trust your gut- you CAN'T DIY! If you do anything, if you spend money on ANYTHING for your day, it should be on hiring her. Best and easiest wedding reception decision you will make."



"Hannah designed our wedding in a way that seemed so "us", and yet in a way we never could have pulled off ourselves. Hannah took the time to learn more about our relationship so that she could weave personal elements seamlessly into every detail of the event. Moreover, she developed an organic and simple theme and ensured that all aspects of the wedding were consistent with that theme - from the floral designs to the custom-made photo booth backdrop made of Whole Foods grocery bags. On the actual day of the wedding, I was blown away by how perfect all the elements of the wedding were... the table settings, the selection and meticulous arrangement of unique items on tables. Our guests kept raving about how amazing the look & feel of the wedding was, and the praise all goes to HANALULU CO.!"

- Diane + Willet, Bride and Groom


"Hannah brought life to our wedding, it was a complete reflection of us, and truly a reflection of how much she values her clients. She put a very stressed and overwhelmed bride at ease, and was there to help every step of the way. She was extremely flexible, a genuine joy to work with. We would plan an event with her again in a heartbeat! The best part of this whole experience was that I truly know I had a beautiful, glamorous and fun wedding all thanks to her and her amazing vision. We had a blank slate and she gave it character and sophistication that I know I never would have achieved without her. It's all in the details, and she made sure everything was perfect and effortless for us on the big day. I know she had a huge challenge ahead of her, and she blew us and our guests away with her creativity. We are still receiving compliments months later about our wedding and this is all thanks to HANALULU  CO.!"



"We hired HANALULU CO. for our special day and could not have been more pleased with the result. Everything was just so beautiful and turned out better than we could have ever hoped for. Hannah went above and beyond our expectations and really put in 110% to make sure everything was perfect. Our favorite moment was when we arrived early to the venue for our ceremony. When we got our first view of the flower wall arrangement we were floored. We knew at that moment that she had captured our vision and perfectly translated it to reality. Hannah is a pleasure to work with, extremely professional and knowledgeable. She understands how much these moments mean to her clients and dedicates her entire effort to the result. We are so grateful for HANALULU CO.!"

- Chris + Stella, BRIDE AND GROOM


"This past April I planned to ambitiously host a charity fundraiser in a month's time and was at breathing into brown paper bag status when I begged Hannah to save the day. Beyond the venue and prayers for attendees, I had nothing. Hannah took my half baked concept and worked with me to create a game plan for action. She pulled from her extensive network of likeminded vendors to volunteer their time, took care of all of the details and transformed the space into an event. From the directed flow of the party to the table decor to the addition of the fabulous photobooth - The Booth - Hannah turned what would have been beer and an iPod into a truly curated and perfect place to be. Hannah was my rock, my sanity, my better half, I'm not being excessive with my compliments when I say I could not have done this without Hannah and I owe her more than she could ever know. THANK YOU HANALULU CO.!!!"

- Robyn Fukumoto, The Temporary Tattoo Project


"When it comes to event decor and styling, Hannah is by far the best I have worked with! Whatever idea I might have or the client might have, she takes it above and beyond and makes something completely magical happen. I have worked with Hannah several times and each time is always a pleasure. I can't wait to see what she comes up with, and if there is a will, there is a way and Hannah makes it happen. She is crafty, she has a beautiful eye for design and color, and she has a wonderful imagination when it comes to bringing events and spaces to life! So perfect I could photograph her designs for hours, and I have. I would highly recommend Hannah to any client. She continues to blow my mind with all her talents and I love any chance I get to work with her. She is one special lady and I can't say enough wonderful things about her, not to mention, you can't help but love her sweet personality. She makes everyone so comfortable and feel so special. What a treat it is to work with Hannah." 

- CJ Isaac, Charlie Juliet Photography